The return of a local electronic music legend.

For the first time in years, Jan Muchow and Kateřina Winterová will appear on stage together to perform the cult material from the Dust 3 and Slowthinking albums. The band Ecstasy of Saint Theresa was formed shortly after the revolution and, during its shoegaze phase, has reached success all the way in Great Britain but split afterwards. When Muchow renewed EOST, he switched guitars for sequencers and a microphone and invited Kateřina Winterová. During the early years of the new millenium there wasn’t a more progressive Czech outfit, they collected awards and often played abroad. EOST went silent at the end of the 00s, released a concert DVD in and played at Radio 1’s birthday in 2014. Muchow composed music for films and Winterová took on acting. Now, Ectasy of Saint Theresa is returning, joined on stage by Marek Frič and Karel Drašnar.