Vanishing Twin (UK)

Music from the children’s fantasy world and love letters to the we have never met. New Weird Britain as a crazy mix of cosmopolitan influences mixed together with contemporary London.


Cathy Lucas, the frontwoman of Vanishing Twin named the project to commemorate her twin that was never born and her music translates this absence into an unshakeable feeling that there is something missing to this world. In her songs, she mixes electronic music, psychedelic rock and krautrock rhythms but doesn’t at all mind being labelled as jazz. After the debut Choose Your Own Adventure, Vanishing Twin carved themselves into the fans’ subconscious with The Age of Immunology, a record that showed up on countless best album charts of 2019. Two years later they released Ookii Gekkou, another masterpiece of psychedelic pop. In their music, Vanishing Twin fight against xenophobia and Brexit and offer open arms instead of negativity.