Wolf techno from the unforgving north.

Jonas Rönnberg AKA Varg2TM is a Swedish titan of club music and a DJ and producer with an enormous influence on the contemporary dance underground. He emerged on the scene about a decade ago when he also co-established the label Northern Electronics. His debut album Misantropen defined an uncompromising approach – the intersection of ambient, industrial techno and a black metal aesthetic introduced the scene to a musician that takes no hostages. Varg2TM kept this persona on his following records which he puts out at a high speed. Next to dark and experimental albums which he releases for example under Posh Isolation, his discography also includes pure hits such as his collaboration with Bladee Perfect Violation. Afterall, on his latest record Nordic Flora Series, pt.6: Outlaw Music, the likes of Skrillex or Eartheater are featured. Varg2TM is proof that sometimes it pays off to choose a totally unbeaten path.