Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; a university professor during the day, a DJ at night.


On stage David Doubek aka Vendolin looks like a serious gentleman who is forced to dance to his own acid bass lines and drum machines. And he can’t resist it. Why not do the same? Let’s get dancin’! The peculiar phenomena on Czech club scene took outdated electronics and fused them with Czech slogans, creating an irresistible hybrid loved from Aš to Třinec. And also around, he for example played at Tauron Nowa Muzika. Ventolin is a crazy scientist looking for a “code of a hidden reality where we both can meet and dance,” as he sings in his song Disco Science, and creates new, perfect music “for all the womans, for all the youngmans, for all the childrens, for all the oldmans.” Prior to this project, Ventolin played in an electro-pop duo Kazety and his solo debut Totem came out in 2012, most listeners, however, fell for him because of his 3 years old alum Vitajte. Ventolin’s music has got both trees and computers and nobody gets sad.