Intellectual techno? Bristol-based electronic producer Vessel does exactly that. His nervous productions tip an imaginary hat to forgotten personalities from the history of art and philosophy, reference medieval pastoral music and sample old choirs into roaring post-club beats.


His 2018 album Queen of Golden Dogs is considered a key artistic commentary on post-brexit Great Britain trying to find its identity again. On the album’s diverse compositions, Vessel meanders between the past and the future, tradition and modernity, the city and the country, which might be influenced by rural Wales, where Vessel moved for a year and a half. “The only thing I ever really look for is to feel strange when I’m making anything,” says the musician who releases under the Tri Angle label. For his gig in Brno, Vessel will fuse powers with his long-time colleague; Portugal based film maker and a visual artist Pedro Maia. His surreal collages are based on 8-16 millimetre film and work really well with Vessel’s unsettling music cocktail.