Warm Graves  (DE)

The Leipzig based producer Jonas Whener doesn’t belong among musicians who tend to rush things. His authentic music comes first.


His project Warm Graves mixes electronics with post-rock atmosphere and singer/songwriter intimacy. Its debut came out in 2014 in the shape of the amazingly received Ships Will Come album. He has toured with The Soft Moon, Crystal Stilts or Efterklang and played festivals such as The Great Escape or Rosklide. To follow up the successful album, however, took Warm Graves seven years – the new record Ease came out at the end of January 2022. “For me, Ease always comes back to the idea of transformation,” says Wehner and highlights the fact that the cells in human body exchange once every seven years, theoretically turning one into an entirely different being. Whilst Ships Will Come offered mainly dreamy moods emphasized by strange etheric choir vocals, the new record is rawer, more experimental and includes elements of drone, cold-wave or synthesizer “kosmische musik.” Warm Graves will present the album as a live band for the first time.