To live through the 80s again. The electronic duo Wczasy mixes mutant synth-pop with cold wave influences.


The sound of their sharp hits calls back on the state of emergency at the beginning of the eighth decade in Poland. The music is euphoric and decadent, but also consists of a noticeable amount of darkness and claustrophobia. Wczasy (Bartłomiej Maczaluk a Jakub Żwirełło) are active since 2016 and debuted with the 1000 Problemów EP. They gained a lot of attention with their first LP Zawody, released under Thin Man Records. The critically and publically valued record made its way into many Polish alternative charts in 2018. Some journalists even spoke of a generational manifesto. The band’s grainy videos and wild stage presence are also a part of the charm. They’re influenced by 80s aesthetics but never allow themselves to let it turn it into parody or just look retro. It seems as if their music was allowing us to relive the eighth decade with all of its hopes and all of its anxieties.