A brat from a Wroclav panel house on his way to stardom.

The Polish rapper Zdechły Osa with his nihilist emo rap first appeared from the depths of Soundcloud. The debut under a big label titled Sprzedałem dupe (I sold my ass out) from 2021 offered confessions of a young man with nothing to lose because everything around him is lost already. Punk, trap and 80s pop influences are fused together into an irresistible cocktail that blew away fans and press alike, earning him two nominations for the Fryderyk award. The album also birthed a huge hit Patolove that has 25 million views on YouTube. Zdechły Osa recorded with Brodka or 1988 (Syny) and approached his second album Breslau Hardcore as a collective recording with rapper friends. Polish rap doesn’t currently have many stars as big as him.