The prominent band of Czech alternative music, whose albums always surprise, but never disappoint. The five-piece describes their music as “tender art brut” or “coal zen of Kladno” and is amongst the most innovative local projects of the last decade.


Their music is a mixture of folk, indie rock, post-rock and electronica. Although they met in highschool in 2001, Zrní’s debut came out eight years later. The 2011’s LP Hrdina počítačový hry jde do světa has been put out by the Czech singer Radůza’s label. The third, one year younger Soundtrack ke konci světa was nominated for Vinyla, Apollo and Anděl awards, the last of which they won in the category “Newcomer of the Year.” The same year they created music for the VerTeDance dance group’s performance titled Kolik váží vaše touha? Zrní played with the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava at the Colours of Ostrava festival in 2015 and went on a special tour Havlovy děti Havlovi, which took place in locations connected to the Czech Republic’s former president Václav Havel. The 2020 album Nebeský klid features poetic deep dives into unconsciousness, attention to sonic detail and melodiousness connected with archaeological immerse into folklore music tradition.