Practical information

Accommodation at PopMesse?


The accommodation at PopMesse 2022 is made possible in collaboration with the Mendel University at the Jan Amos Komenský dormitory (Kohoutova 3-11, 613 00 Brno-Černá Pole)

  • the rightful ticket owners’ price | when filling out the order use the code “vyspíMesse”
  • 2 nights 400CZK/night
  • 1 night 450CZK/night
  • shared showers, toilets and a kitchen on the upper floor
  • possibility to order buffet breakfast in the dormitory’s canteen
  • limited to 600 slots, possible capacity increase in case of greater interest
  • shuttle bus from the dormitory to the festival area and back
  • by choosing this accommodation, you are supporting the university’s capacity for taking care of refugees who are accommodated there and are taken above standard care of in collaboration with volunteers.
  • reservations (room + breakfast)
    – 545 128 340, 739 682 038
    – email:

Public transport through Brno?


For two-day ticket holders, we arranged comfortable traveling through Brno with a weekend ticket for 50 CZK.

Every visitor with a valid ticket to PopMesse 2022 will have the option to buy a 48 hour ticket for a friendly price of 50 CZK (from 12:00 on Friday 29th of July to 12:00 on Sunday 31st of July 2022). The ticket is valid in trams, trolleys and busses in the tariff zones 100 + 101 (not valid in trains).

The ticket is available in the tickets section which includes the separate category VEZEMESSE ŠMIRGL KARTE. In case of a ticket inspector encounter, validity can be proven by providing the Vezemesse GoOut ticket.

How do I get to PopMesse?


From both practical and ecological reasons, we recommend doing so by either a train or a bus. Every valid ticket holder is entitled to a 25% discount when traveling to or from Brno.



How does it work?

The discount will be provided regardless of previously applied discounts. Therefore, for students, In Karta holders etc, the total discount adds up to 50% of the full price. The promo code as well as the option to buy tickets will be made public one month before the festival. The discount can be applied by using the discount code in the České dráhy e-shop.