PopMesse is a progressive festival of contemporary popular music and technology that respects sustainable development and unites people in a unique destination in the centre of Europe. It Brings novel dramaturgy filled with contemporary names from both the local and the global scene to Brno. Space is, however, also given to legends of alternative music, many of which have not played in the Czech Republic before.


The world’s oldest cycling track of its kind.


Velodrom’s history dates all the way back to 1889 when a fictile cycling track was created in the location. During the course of its existence, sports as well as cultural events were hosted in it; for example, the 1969 and 1981 track cycling world championships and a The Cure concert in 1998.


The bar is high but the 2024 instalment is prepared to go over it. Newly, Pop Messe moves further south into Velodrom in the Brno Exhibition Centre area; the progressive, novel dramaturgy, however, stays. Names are beng added to the line-up. Pop Messe 2024 will be more packed, grander, longer and rounder…

The third edition saw Pop Messe forced to leave the premises of the football stadium which was no longer safe for visitors and move outside into the area around Boby Centrum. The packed lineup featured the likes of Hudson Mohawke, Max Cooper or Young Fathers and the organisers proved once again that the curse over urban festivals in Brno has been broken.

The second instalment was geographically widened by the neighbouring 90s temple of opulence, Boby Centrum. The retro-futuristic premises hosted global stars such as The Bug, Skepta, Ride or Son Lux. The programme, however, also offered concerts of local legends Iva Bittová a Dunaj or WWW. The instalment was met with enthusiastic reception of the visitors as well as media. “Pop Messe is on a promising route towards becoming one of the best Czech urban festivals,” wrote Full Moon Zine. The following February, Pop Messe was awarded a Vinyla award in the Achievement of the Year category.

The following summer finally allowed the first full-fledged PopMesse to happen, located in the attractive space of a decaying yet cult football stadium Za Lužánkami. The second stage was located in the city centre on Moravské náměsí. The second-to-last July weekend presented Brno with performing artists such as Modeselektor, Tommy Cash, Aïsha Devi or Dorian Concept.

The first instalment, planned for summer 2020, was forced to face the reality of the counter-pandemic measures and was turned into a two-day lasting online event Pop Messe Live. It featured Czech bands such as Post-hudba or Bert & Friends.