The saddest boys from Vinohrady and their indie-pop about the most common things in life. The kernel of Dukla – Lukáš Vydra and Josef Hradílek – already met in the band Mayen but this side project has soon turned into their main domain.


Crucially, unlike in Mayen, in Dukla, Vydra started singing in Czech – their musical statements gained a more specific outline, the lyrics touch on millennials’ problems as well as the anxiety from social crises. The recordings, however, remain as airy and light as a summer day. In 2017, they debuted with the EP Vinhorady, a year later, they recorded the album Život perfektní which they followed up two years later with the record Honza. The last mentioned was nominated for an Apollo award. The last year’s EP Z dálky píseň was inspired by the poetics of the Czech hiker community and the gloomy times of social distancing. The members of Dukla are also the kernel of a community around the Vinhorady based label Sing Sing Soundsystem. “The dreamy sound of Dukla stands on the shoulders of tens of older bands; the Prague one milks it to the maximum. Partially thanks to Lukáš Vydra’s specific phrasing and the immersive lyrics, it melts it into something that has a unique place on the Czech scene,” wrote Jiří Špičák.