Brno’s rap has had a singular leader for a few years – his name is Michajlov and his raw hip hop is shaped by the experience of an immigrant as well as clashes with the law. He was born in Ukraine but lives in the Czech Republic since he was twelve.


He studied to be a car mechanic but his life was won over by rap. His first music was released at the beginning of the previous decade under the name Somar, as Michajlov, he debuted in 2017 with a very well acclaimed album Ronin. The follow-up record 1991 (after the year he was born in), which had to be finished in only twelve days, was also greatly accepted. It must have been done before he had to go back to prison for violating parole that he got for a night fight. In his music, Michajlov often revisits his own mistakes but also speaks of Czech xenophobia, consumer society or the system which benefits from poverty. “For me, to ‘fuck the system’ means to not be okay with going to work until the age of seventy-eight and then dying,” he said for the Alarm magazine. After returning from prison, Michajlov recorded the album Limit as well as the last year’s “football-themed” EP FIFA STREET with Brno’s latest rap discovery Robin Tent. He was also featured on the most recent DJ Opia LP. Michajlov is a member of the Brno based label 1312 Records.